An activity at Technopôle Angus planned as part of the XII Metropolis World Conference!

19 June 2017

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On Monday, July 19, Technopôle Angus hosted an international delegation for a special “field trip” activity as part of the World Metropolis Conference. The delegation toured the Technopôle Angus site, then held for a workshop. The aim of the visit was to present concrete examples of how the social economy can be a powerful tool for renewal.

Martine Rochon, Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development led a panel discussion on Montreal, the first of four cities to be discussed (followed by Seoul, Barcelona, and Johannesburg). She stressed how the social economy can be a key driver of urban renewal, and the role local governments play in projects of this kind, which could be reproduced in other parts of the world.

And what better way to showcase the success of Technopôle Angus than a tour of the place itself?

The activity was organized in collaboration with the International Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer on the Social and Solidarity Economy (CITIES).

The XII conference is hosted by the World Association of Metropolises, an international network of major cities and metropolitan areas that boasts 140 members and brings together the governments of urban agglomerations all over the world.

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