Getting there

Getting to Technopôle Angus has never been easier! Workers, residents and visitors now enjoy direct access via 2 Metro lines, 5 bus routes, 2 bike paths, a BIXI station, 2 carshare services (Communauto and Car2Go), and 8 electric vehicle charging stations.

All transportation systems lead to Angus!

Bus and Metro 
STM users can choose between the 25 Angus, a dedicated bus route, and two nearby Metro stations: Préfonataine (just 800 m away) and Rosemont (a 15 minute walk). From Verdun to Ahuntsic, getting to Technopôle Angus on public transit is a snap.

Ride a bike
Easy! 2 bike paths serve the site, and there’s a BIXI station at the corner of Rue Molson and William-Tremblay.

Take a car
Why not use a carshare service like Car2Go or Communauto – Technopôle Angus is well-served by both! And if you’d rather drive your own electric vehicle, there’s eight charging stations.

Grab a cab
We’re proud that Taxelco, the visionary company behind Téo Taxi, Montreal’s all-electric taxi service, has chosen to set up its head office at Technopôle Angus. Catching a cab never felt so good – give it a try!

To encourage businesses and their employees to use public and active transportation options, we offer Angus tenants a Mobility Passport (Passeport mobilité, created by Voyagez Futé) a combined one-year pass for three great services: a one-year STM transit pass, a one-year BIXI pass, and a one-year Communauto “Open Plan” membership.

One Mobility Passport is offered free of charge for every 2,000 square feet of space leased.

Use the STM itinerary tool

Transit highlights

  • Préfontaine Metro station just 800 m away
  • Buses: 24 Sherbrooke, 25 Angus 27 St-Joseph, 67 St-Michel, 97 Mont-Royal
  • 2 bike paths cross the site
  • Eight electric vehicle charging stations
  • 1 BIXI station
  • Indoor and outdoor bike parking
  • Accessible via Car2Go
  • Reserved Communauto parking
  • Mobility passport (Voyagez Futé) free with lease