Société du patrimoine Angus

Société du patrimoine Angus preserves and valorizes the Angus site.


Société du patrimoine Angus (SPA) is a not-for-profit organisation founded by SDA upon its move to developing projects off the Technopôle Angus site.

SPA owns Technopôle Angus and the land it occupies. It works to preserve these assets for the very community whose support was instrumental in its successful negotiations with Canadian Pacific following the closing of CPR Angus Shops in 1992, and later, to its acquisition of the land.

Société du patrimoine Angus is dedicated to asset management, particularly in terms of preservation and development and always with an eye toward generating quality jobs that adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

When it comes to preserving its assets, SPA has chosen to grant only emphyteutic leases (rather than selling the land) to its group entities to ensure the land is developed by Société de développement Angus. Since there is no alienation or sale of the land, assets are returned to the SPA estate upon expiration of the lease so that they may continue to make a valuable contribution to the community.

In terms of estate development, Société du patrimoine Angus is an active investor in the projects carried out at Technopôle Angus and holds a stake in eight Technopôle Angus buildings. The current value of its assets has been estimated at $70 million.