Technopôle Angus is built on an integrated vision of sustainable development that puts the harmony and wellness back in urban living. Oustanding facilities and landscaping reflects our strong social and environmental ethos.

Technopôle Angus has been a green design leader from day one. Our founding vision colours every facet of the Technopôle’s many buildings, from design through construction through management.

Ideal urban living

The entire neighborhood was designed from the ground up to provide an unparalleled urban lifestyle, with abundant greenspace, Léopold Beaulieu public square, and state-of-the-art LEED buildings at the cost of conventional buildings. We’re proud to be the first development with corporate composting and recycling programs, and to offer a mobility passport as a concrete alternative to car-first planning. Since 2017, 8 charging stations for electric cars have been available.

The social economy works!

The social economy is another Angus priority. Our social economy vision has shaped our development from day one, and today the Technopôle is home to 6 social economy businesses.

INSERTECH is a great example of a thriving social economy enterprise. It helps unemployed young adults break back into the labour market. Using recycled computer hardware from corporate environments, INSERTECH trains participants while providing the community an affordable, green technology option. Since its creation, INSERTECH has helped more than 1,100 young adults get back to work, refurbished 175,000 devices, and provided technology orientation to 6,000 people. INSERETECH has called Technopôle Angus home since 1998.

Certifications and Awards

Technopôle Angus has earned multiple awards, recognitions, and certifications honouring community engagement and excellence. First and foremost, Société de développement Angus was awarded LEED ND (Neighborhood Development) certification for Technopôle Angus, a Canadian first. This certification is proof positive of SDA’s symbiotic relationship with the community. The certification also recognizes SDA’s adherence to best sustainable development practices.

LEED and BOMA BESt certifications recognize our best practices in green building and green property managmenent. Finally, our ICI ON RECYCLE – Level 3 certificate is testament to SDA’s oustanding performance in the sorting and collection of residual materials. In 2016, Technopôle Angus received the sustainable transportation leadership award for its mobility passport program, offered jointly with Voyagez-futé.

The entire green neighbourhood was awarded LEED-ND PLATINUM certification.