Technopôle Angus : The place to work

Technopôle Angus is a fast-growing commercial and residential development located in the heart of Montréal. Already, 60 businesses, stores and services employing 2,600 people have set up shop in the site’s 13 buildings.

Both urban renewal project and full-scale sustainable development laboratory, Technopôle Angus  manages a 580,000-sq. ft. real estate portfolio, with 50% of its land holdings developed to date.

Workers and residents alike take advantage of the array of services found on-site. Within a 500-metre radius are a Provigo and an SAQ for impromptu dinners, tasty restaurants (including Hoogan & Beaufort, one of today’s hippest dining spots), an artisanal bakery, Mamie Clafoutis, and a gym where you can burn off all those calories!

For the kids, two daycares give priority to employees of the businesses at Technopôle Angus. And for your healthcare needs, a full health centre, CLSC and pharmacy are available to all.

The Technopôle was an obvious choice for the athletic studio we've been dreaming of: nowhere else in central Montreal had such a huge pool of potential customers. The combinaison of workers and residents is perfect, and the whole area is taking off.
Yan Caron and Julie Bernard, owners of Locomotion, a Crossfit and athletic studio.

At Technopôle Angus, sustainable development is in our DNA. In addition to the numerous green spaces and the new Place Léopold Beaulieu developed for everyone’s enjoyment, we are introducing a wide range of eco-friendly measures. All of our buildings are built to LEED standards at the cost of traditional construction and we are proud to be the first site to have put in place a corporate composting and recycling program.

Development continues with Phase 2, involving construction of one million square feet of mixed-use space. Once complete, Phase 2 will accommodate 1,500 additional workers, some 20 local businesses, 500 housing units and four public squares.