At Technopôle Angus our holistic vision of sustainable development is the foundation we build on. Sustainable development was our top priority when planning the site, and our vision came into focus when we drafted and implemented our development plan.

Our founding vision still shines through in everything we do, from design to construction to building management. And our commitment has earned us a slew of awards, distinctions, certifications, and certificates. SDA is especially proud of our LEED-ND (neighborhood development) certification—a Canadian first—recognizing the symbiotic relationship SDA maintains with the local community. Other LEED certifications recognize eco-friendly construction, while BOMA BESt certifies green building management practices. We are proud to hold “Ici on recycle!” (Here, we recycle!) Level 3 certification for our exceptional performance in sorting and collecting recyclables and waste.

Our sustainable transportation and waste management plans are two other key measures that substantially reduce the environmental footprint of site development and our growing user base. Employees play a hands-on role: our tenants and their employees recycle, compost, and make use of an ever-growing range of active and public transportation options.

Two reports document our work on sustainable development and the results we achieve: SDA’s annual report and our biannual, fully public sustainable development report. The latter uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting framework—a rigorous, demanding method that ensures maximum transparency and credibility.