Our values


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: OUR TRADEMARK AND LASTING COMMITMENT At Technopôle Angus our holistic vision of sustainable development is the foundation we build on. Sustainable development was our top priority when planning the site, and our vision came into focus when we drafted and implemented our development plan. Urban ecology principles also helped shape the project, which we submitted to the community Continue Reading

Social economy

SOCIAL ECONOMY: AN INTEGRAL PART OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AT THE TECHNOPÔLE Right from the start in 1997, SDA chose to focus on social economy. It was a bold move at the time, and it paid off: today Technopôle Angus is home to 11 social enterprises and contracts 4 others to provide essential services, helping us manage our buildings and grounds Continue Reading

Social Commitment

SDA: AN ACTIVE, ATTENTIVE, ACCOUNTABLE NEIGHBOR The community of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie has always been a big part of the Technopôle, which grew out of a grassroots campaign for a business park to revitalize the industrial ruins of Angus Shops. From the beginning SDA has made healthy relationships with community residents a priority, in keeping with our commitment to transparency and Continue Reading